Breaking: ‘Removed From HBO Max’ – Whiny LeBron James Suffers Massive Blow From HBO Max, ‘“This Is Definitely Not…’


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The last few years, no matter what you are doing, you se political activism in everything. It is in commercials, movies, sports, stores and even in schools. American just can’t seem to get aways from all the political posturing.

One of the more popular phrases to come out of the last few yers if go woke, go broke. The people are sick and tired of having everything jammed down their throats. If a company is going to make product and outright slam home their political viewpoint, Americans aren’t going to but it. They’re tired of it.

Recent examples include Disney’s Lightyear which included a same-sex kiss in the movie. TO be fair, I have not seen the film and I’ve heard mixed reviews of it. Both side do say though, the kiss scene added no value or context to the movie. So why put it in there? Just to prove a point. So it tanked. Badly.

Major League Baseball’s All-Str Game had it’s worst rating ever for the game. Most fans are still upset that Major League Baseball placated to the ignorant activists last year when the removed the game from Atlanta because of the voting laws enacted.

The people complaining about the voting bill were wrong in what it said but that didn’t stop Major League Baseball from punishing the people of Atlanta and taking millions from their wallets. They got some justice when the Atlanta Braves went on to win the World Series.

While the cultural war rages on throughout the nation with wokeness, there is one individual who symbolizes everything that is wrong with the entertainment industry and why the American people are tired of it. Lebron James epitomizes the hypocrisy of activism in today’s elite.

LeBron’s new production through HBO Max was just cancelled. The network has shelved the reboot of the popular 1990s movie “House Party,” being produced by James and his “The Shop” cohost Maverick Carter, OK Player reported.

James is often adding his voice to various topics such as an insensitive tweet on Kyle Rittenhouse’s tears to an anti-American crack wondering why Brittany Griner would ever want to come back to the United States from her imprisonment in Russia.

Lebron is never afraid to add his voice to issues impacting the American people. He has given numerous interviews and keyed in various tweets about many social issues. The media, especially ESPN, loves the King and throws on the screen all the time.

Except when it comes to one glaring and major issue. Anything to do with China, and Lebron James is in the wind. ESPN is nowhere to be found and the NBA clams up nice and tight. Why would they do that? Maybe because China has one of the worst records of human right abuses on the planet.

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So, why wouldn’t James and his personal microphone group stop talking about China. After all, they are concerned with human rights aren’t they? Oh…wait a minute. Chins is the big source of funding for NBA, ABC, and ESPN. That’s right. I forgot about that.

A Houston Rocket’s executive commented on China’s abuse of Uyghurs (or the Uighurs), an Islamic minority group enslaved in China a couple of years ago. The NBA quickly came down on the person and LeBron added his comments criticizing the man for being uneducated.

You never want to see someone lose money. A Movie production employs a lot of people and brings in a lot of money for various industries. It is hard not to smile a little though, social activism gets knocked down. Maybe LeBron will pay for all the money lost.

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