Breaking: ‘My First Priority Is My Audience’ – Fox Host Maria Bartiromo Receives Amazing News On Her Show ‘Sunday Morning Futures’


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Maria Bartiromo was a successful business host for CNBC for years. People liked her. Other members of the media liked her. Wall Street liked her. She was, one point, the first person to report live from the Stock Exchange. 

There was some controversy with her close relationship with a member of CitiGroup that led to some backlash. The controversy subsided and disappeared. Maria’s voice was the vocie for a public service announcement in New York at Grand Central Station. She was a bit of a pop icon. 

Fox Business News was picking up steam in 2012. Maria decided when her contract was up with CNBC, she would leave to join the Fox team. Critics thought she had made a mistake. The NY Times said her old show would bring in better ratings. 

In 2018, reported Forbes, she was regularly beating her old CNBC and in October 2020, Mornings with Maria marked “its highest-rated month ever in total viewers,” according to Fox Business.

For some reason, it surprised people. Fellow members of the media couldn’t understand why her ratings were better. “One of my secrets to success is simple: I work really hard. I know there are no shortcuts, and I’ve carried out my career in that way,” as reported in 

She was regularly beating her opponents in shows but then came to the post-November 2020 election with President Trump. Many in the media thought she took it too easy on Trump and just let him preach bout election fraud without providing any evidence of the fraudulent activity.

That is when people seemed to turn on her. She became just like most Fox News Hosts, enemy number one in eyes of the liberal mainstream media. It has not impacted her ratings at all. 

According to Conservative, Bartiromo’s show “Sunday Morning Futures” earned the top spot for both viewers and the coveted 25-54 demo, with over 1.7 million viewers and 245,000 in the demo watching her show on Sundays.

Maria tries to keep the show a combination of business knowledge and reporting combined with politics, policy, and breaking news. Having watched her show numerous times, it is apparent she does not dumb down the information for the audience. She believes people understand what she is referring to. 

Of course, being on Fox News does help with her ratings. The American people appreciate the personalities, the reporting, and the way the network presents itself to American people. It does not talk down condescendingly like the other networks do. 

It may not be as fair and balanced as it claims to be. There is doubt it preaches from a conservative viewpoint but, it is much more objective than the other networks. Those networks are nothing but propaganda-filled cries of race and love for Joe Biden. 

Shows such as The Five or Tucker Carlson make you feel like it is okay too from this nation and be a patriotic American. The other networks hate this country and want you to as well. 

They are filled with people who couldn’t do anything worthwhile in their real lives, so they became television personalities to get their revenge. I’ve never seen so many people who were picked last in gym class who now use TV to exact revenge. 

Maria and other Fox hosts put the audience first in their shows. For the other networks and shows, the audience is nothing but a bunch of lemmings to control and do their bidding. 

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