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You hear someone say that person has to have pictures of someone that usually means why is that person still doing what that are doing. The only possible explanation would be they have incriminating photographs of someone doing bad things  

It would explain why Joy Reid still has a show on MSNBC. She must have some photos of someone. Joy Reid and her show, have become so unpopular, that it is shocking it is still on the air. Perhaps, that is why she is still on the air. 

MSNBC shows are so terrible, that they need someone to play the part of a race-baiting, arrogant, left-wing nut who will say just about anything on television. If that is the case, MSNBC has their woman. There is no other reason, Reid is still on the air. 

Reid’s show The ReidOut, has lost half of its viewers since it debuted two years ago in July of 2020. Her viewership has declined by 49%, according to Fox News. In reality, time is running out.

On the other end of the spectrum is Fox host. Jesse Watters. The relatively new host of the 7 PM Jesse Watters Primetime show on Fox News. His show has been a hit since he was named the permanent host. 

Watters not only crushed his direct time slot competition, tripling CNN’s Erin Burnett and tripling MSNBC’s Joy Reid in the 25-54 demo, but he also beat Sean Hannity in total viewers and the demo, according to the Magazine

Watter’s show leads into Tucker Carlson Tonight. That has to help Jesse’s ratings seeing as Tucker’s show is dominant. Shows that come after a number one shows are successful, so are the ones that come before. 

Watter’s show has even beaten Sean Hannity’s show which comes on right after Tucker every evening at 9 PM. It does help that it seems like people would rather listen to a cackling Kamala Harris than the joyless Joy Reid. There are many reasons mental health issues are on the rise. Has this been considered?

We also have to face the fact that any Fox show does well at this point. It is a juggernaut in cable news because it doesn’t preach complete hatred for the American people. It talks about a novel concepts like love for your country and Patriotism. 

According to Nielsen, FNC was the only cable news network to post gains versus July of 2021 in total day viewers, while CNN and MSNBC experienced declines.

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It refuses to talk down to the audience like the other networks. Is it as fair and balanced as it claims to be? Of course not. It is right wing on the scale of partisanship. I do, however, find it to offer more centrist and even some liberal arguments way more than the other networks do. 

The Fox hosts also treat their viewers as human beings who can make decisions on their own. The talking heads of the other shows continually insult people by talking down to them and, at times, even calling them names. There is an elitist attitude that wreaks from many of their hosts. 

Even the late-night 11 PM slot is being dominated by Greg Gutfeld and his self-deprecating humor. His guests which include the often liberal Kat and middle-of-the-road Tyrus mix news commentary with humor. It works. It works because they don’t look at themselves as talk show deities. 

The left-leaning networks are filled with picked last-at-gym personalities who now think they are something important because they sit in front of a camera. The reality is, that you do nothing of importance in the world. People turn to you when they have nothing else to do. What does that tell you?

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