Breaking: ‘I Expect Our Folks To Pursue Aggressively’ – FBI Director Delivers Bad News To Joe Biden’s Son Hunter


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Hunter Biden sits on his Sloan leather couch and looks over at the pictures on the shelf. An Executive of the month award from Burisma sits on the shelf next to his autographed photo of Xi Jinping. He smiles and grabs his headphones sliding them on his ears just before a quick indulgence. 

The music starts rocking in his ears. The lyrics tell Hunter his time is running out. What songs do you think are blaring in those gold-plated Focal Utopia headphones? Do you think it is Mellencamp’s Crumbling Down or the theme Bad Boys from everyone’s favorite show?

If I’m Hunter, I might be playing both of them because it certainly seems his time is up. The FBI director, Christopher Wray testified before Congress yesterday and he finally admitted that Hunter is under investigation by the Justice Department.

Wray confirmed, that President Biden’s son, is subject to an ongoing federal investigation and expects the agency to aggressively pursue the case according to We’ve heard all of this before. The fact that Hunter is under investigation is the worst key secret in a town full of secrets. 

Director Wray might be playing the same songs when he listens to music. It has been clear the FBI and the Justice Department have been covering up for the Bidens for a long time. The pressure building on them may be too much to shake off at this point. 

Senator Marsha Blackburn hammered Wray as soon as questions began. In the opening statement, she stung Wray by saying what Americans see, what they feel, and what is going on out there. 

She said, “Americans feel there are two tiers of justice in the U.S”. There is no doubt. We’ve seen Hunter Biden commit crimes through photo and video evidence provided by none other than the King of Selfies himself, Hunter Biden. 

Yet, nothing has happened to the man. His father is the President of the United States and is implicated in many questionable business dealings Hunter and his Uncle Jimmie Biden have carried out. 

Despite a massive treasure chest of criminal activity as evidence, Hunter is free to sell his ugly-looking paintings for hundreds of thousands of dollars to potentially fraudulent business owners. All the while, people who did nothing wrong on January 6th, sit in prison still. 

Add in the hundreds of crimes committed around the nation with liberal prosecutors letting all the bad guys out while punishing the good guys, and Hunter may finally have a problem. 

The mountain of pressure building from the American people’s anger and bloodlust may finally be worrying the FBI and Director Wray. The natural fall guy will be Hunter. Even Joe knows that. 

Senator Grassley has whistleblower evidence. It shows the FBI cover-up claiming the laptop was Russian disinformation was a lie. Grassley, and Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, presented the evidence to Congress. 

The FBI and Wray have been under intense scrutiny the past several months. It is clear they have been used as the Democrat Party’s strong arm. They have used Swat teams and later night arrest tactic reserved for dangerous criminals to arrest the Party’s political opponents.

Tactics like that sound like East Geram FSB or Russian KGB tactics to destroy their enemies. Things might be changing though only because the mid-term elections are approaching. If the Republicans gain control of Congress, the Justice Department and FBI, may face a purge and many people may go to jail.

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