Breaking: ‘answer to the American people’, Republican Rep. Is Fighting Back Against The Biden Admin As She Calls For Joe Biden To Be Impeached


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Impeachment is a process in the House of Representatives that makes up the first major step required to remove a government official from office. The Constitution gives the sole power of the impeachment to the House of Representatives. The Senate becomes the courtroom for impeachment trials. 

The majority of people, when they hear the word impeachment, it is to remove the President of the United States from his position. It is true but it can include a lot of different Government officials. It is just that the President is the most famous position impeachment is for. 

The House of Representatives has utilized the impeachment process more than sixty times. Less than one-third of these times have been successful. The only type of officials removed from office during these proceedings is Judges. 

Three Presidents got impeached, Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donal Trump. Neither of these impeachment proceedings was successful. They all failed. 

Everyone thinks the main reason for impeachment is to remove the person from office. That may be a part of the process. It also prevents the person from running for office again, which is why the Democrats have tried to impeach Donald Trump twice. They are terrified of him running in 2024. 

When the Founding Fathers were framing the concept of Impeachment, there were discussions on what would constitute impeachment. What actions would cause a President or any official to be impeached? Initially, the wording was maladministration. James Madison argued that was too broad. 

Joe Biden should be thanking James Madison every day. If the wording had remained maladministration, Biden would be the first President fully impeached. 

As it is, New York Representative, Claudia Tenney is calling for Biden’s impeachment. “I see this guy as a talentless, career politician and completely derelict in his duty, which is why I’ve called for him to be impeached.” according to

Tenney has not filed impeachment papers in Congress right now. She is waiting for next March. The new Congress will be up and running by then. She expects the impeachment process to begin. 

The Inflation Reduction Act has caused an uproar in the halls of Congress. One of the pieces of the legislation includes the hiring of 86,000 IRS agents. The Biden Administration’s reasoning is to go after Billionaires. 

Sen. Bill Haggerty slammed Biden today on Fox Business. He said of Biden’s plan to hire more IRS agents they want all of our data, just like the Chinese Communist Party. 

Haggerty claims the government will build a massive database on the American people like the CCP does to its people in China. 

In November’s mid-term elections, polling is showing the Republicans are going to win in a runaway. A red tidal wave should win Congress for the Republican side. Based on polls, the House of Representatives should turn over to the conservative side. 

However, the Senate may not switch to Republican control, which would eliminate any impeachment procedures. If the Senate does fall to the Republicans, impeachment will be coming for Joe Biden. 

After November and the elections, we will have a clearer picture of where this country is headed. However, impeachment will not be part of the process. At least not for Joe Biden. If Republicans take control of both the House and Senate, Joe Biden will resign long before they can impeach him. 

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