KARMA IS A B*TCH! Donald Trump Just Got The ULTIMATE Revenge On House RINO Who Voted For Impeachment

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Five states held their primaries on Tuesday and the end result was Donald Trump flexing some serious muscle. Candidate the former President endorsed won just about every contest there was throughout the nation.

Rep. Peter Meijer, elected in 2020, has lost his GOP primary in Michigan to a conservative challenger backed by the former president and whose campaign was also funded in large part by Democrats.

Meijer was an Iraq War veteran elected to Congress in November 2020. He is the heir to the Meijer grocery store chain but his term was short-lived because he voted to impeach Trump even though he was a Republican.

According to The Hill.com, another Republican turncoat wasn’t happy with Democrats about Meijer’s defeat. Adam Kinzinger said the DCCC needs to be ashamed of themselves.

He went on to say, “If Peter’s opponent wins and goes on in November to win, the Democrats own that. It seems like Adam is routing for anyone who opposes Trump. I think he sees the writing on the wall for himself. Get ready to say goodbye Adam.

According to PRB.org, Meijer is the second of the 10 impeachment-supporting Republicans to lose his primary, joining South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice, who was defeated by a Trump-backed challenger in June.

Four others opted to retire rather than face voters’ wrath. So far, only California Rep. David Valadao is the only one to just barely survive.

Meijer lost to John Gibb who worked under Trump during his time on office. He worked for the Trump administration at Housing and Urban Development, which was run by Dr. Ben Carson, who served the former president’s entire term.

Gibb was backed by both Trump and the Democrats who flooded money into his campaign which angered Meijer. He claimed Gibb was a conspiracy theorist and didn’t understand why the Democrats would want him to win.

Meijer wasn’t the only one to suffer the wrath of Trump voters. In Arizona, voters came out in droves to support the candidates Trump gave his backing to. Even though, Arizona was plagued with numerous voting problems, Trump carried the day.

Trump-backed Governor candidate Kerry Lake appears to have been victorious. Senate candidate Blake Masters, also supported by Trump won. 

Trump-backed candidates for Secretary of State, Mark Finchem, and the other Senate seat David Farnsworth both won handily. It was a big day for the former President in the battleground state. 

As the mid-term elections approach, the RHINOs and the Democrats are desperately trying to circle the wagons. They are trumping up lies in the January 6th Committee hearings to try and prevent Trump from even getting on the Ballot for 2024.

The Co-chair of the January 6th Committee is none other RHINO herself, Liz Cheney. Liz is prepping for her own nearing demise. She is trailing the Trump backed candidate in Wyomin by a large margin. She has recently made pleas to Democrats in her state to disaffiliate.

She asked them to join the Republican Party to they could then vote for her in the primary. The leader of the Democrats in Wyoming even thought that was funny. He told lame duck Cheney, there isn’t enough Democrats in the state to help you now.

Meijer is gone. Up next, Ms. Cheney…buh-bye.

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