BOOM: ‘Stop Discriminating On The Basis Of Race’ – Justice Thomas Makes Major Announcement And Drops Woke College Policy Down The Drain

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It’s funny when you hear so-called anti-racists when they say that we as a country need to start talking about racism. To this writer, it seems like there is nothing we talk about more than racism and usually we talk about it too much and often where we shouldn’t. Last November, we reported that the now-former president of the Ohio State Board of Education, Laura Kohler, tendered her resignation after she voted against repealing an anti-racist policy. So, this is a topic that has been gone through much more than only sufficiently.

It is now being reported by ConservativeBrief that:

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear challenges to the University of North Carolina and Harvard’s race-based admissions. The nation’s highest court set a date of Oct. 31 to hear the arguments. Alex Deise, an attorney and policy manager at FreedomWorks, said the Supreme Court can deliver a “historic” decision to abolish the “ability for higher education to use race-based affirmative action in admissions.”

“By taking these cases, the Supreme Court has a historic opportunity to eliminate the ability of colleges and universities to explicitly discriminate on the basis of race in their admissions process,” Deise said.

“The Court made a serious mistake in Grutter v Bollinger (2003) when it upheld these processes under the false notion that the educational benefits from a diverse student body were more important than the Equal Protection Clause’s central command of race neutrality,” he added. “The Court should overrule Grutter and heed Chief Justice Roberts advice from a similar case that ‘the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.’”

The article went on to report:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas previously made it clear he’s ready to strike down affirmative action, calling the practice comparable to “bigotry.”

“I note that racial engineering does in fact have insidious consequences,” Thomas wrote, concerning a challenge to an affirmative action program at the University of Texas. “There can be no doubt that the University’s discrimination injures white and Asian applicants who are denied admission because of their race. But I believe the injury to those admitted under the University’s discriminatory admissions program is even more harmful,” Thomas previously argued.

“Blacks and Hispanics admitted to the University as a result of racial discrimination are, on average, far less prepared than their white and Asian classmates,” Thomas added.

“The University admits minorities who otherwise would have attended less selective colleges where they would have been more evenly matched,” he argued. “But, as a result of the mismatching, many blacks and Hispanics who likely would have excelled at less elite schools are placed in a position where underperformance is all but inevitable because they are less academically prepared than the white and Asian students with whom they must compete. Setting aside the damage wreaked upon the self-confidence of these overmatched students, there is no evidence that they learn more at the university than they would have learned at other schools for which they were better prepared. Indeed, they may learn less.”

So, the racism topic rages on and it would seem that it take an unproductive and, often times abominable form. Justice Thomas is quite right when he says that these policies discriminate on the basis of race. Judging or privileging anybody over or beneath anybody else on the nature of their immutable characteristics is evil and should repudiated in all of its forms.

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This is just the latest in a long line of challenges to Martin Luther King’s infamous statement that we should treat people by the content of their character and not by the color of the skin. The people that should be paying most attention to this seem to be completely missing the point that the endemic evil of racism is in judging people for what they were born as.

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