Bombshell: Epstein Victim Breaks Silence EXPOSING Secret Link To Major CEO, ”Epstein Told Me…”

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A victim of Jeffrey Epstein is coming forward with information about the mysterious relationship between Epstein and Victoria’s Secret Leslie Wexner. 

Maria farmer said that Epstein would brag about having Leslie Wexner in his pocket and that Wexner would do “anything for me.”

Epstein also told of how he got one of New York’s most expensive townhouses from Wexner for only $1.

Maria said, “Epstein told me in New York. He said: ‘Maria, I got all this for one dollar.’ He held out his arms, spanning the room, and said, ‘Look at all of this.’

“And there are decorators from France coming and going, and you’ve got all this fabulous food, and maids, and everything, it’s just so unbelievable. And I said, ‘Why? How did you get it for one dollar?’ And he looked at me with the biggest smile, and said, ‘Wexner will do anything for me, Maria.’

Epstein added, “And I mean anything.”

Maria Farmer speculated that Epstein and Wexner were together.

“I do believe they were lovers. That is my opinion. He had a special soft spot for Epstein.”

“Leslie Wexner funded Epstein’s entire operation. I know because Epstein told me.”

Maria Farmer asked Epstein about his clients.

“I said, ‘’How many clients do you have? It seems like you have so much free time for someone in finance.”

“He said, ‘’Maria when Leslie Wexner is your client, you only need one client.’”

Cindy Fields, a former Victoria’s Secret CEO said this about the pair: 

“Each one must have fulfilled the need of the other. Wexner had the money that Epstein was seeking and Wexner got from Epstein the glamour and smoothness that he was seeking.”

“I am not at all inferring that it was a sexual need but there was something there.”

The Daily Mail reported:

Wexner claimed in 2019, soon after Epstein was arrested as he landed his private plane at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, that the pedophile ‘misappropriated vast sums of money.’

He said he discovered the misappropriation in 2007 shortly after Epstein was first arrested for child sex crimes ‘It was agreed that he should step back from the management of our personal finances, Wexner said in a letter to the Wexner Foundation.

‘In that process, we discovered that he had misappropriated vast sums of money from me and my family. 

This was, frankly, a tremendous shock, even though it clearly pales in comparison to the unthinkable allegations against him now.’

In 2020, Wexner announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Limited Brands, and then took on the role of chairman emeritus at the company. He sold his majority stake in Victoria’s Secret or $525 million to a private equity firm.

Wexner has not faced any criminal charges or investigations in regards to his relationship with Epstein.

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