Breaking: Jerry Nadler Who Led Trump Impeachment Desperately Attempts To Fend Off Primary Challenger, ”I’m The Son Of…”

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Jerry Nadler is getting desperate as he is being challenged in a primary race.

Due to redistricting, Nadler is set to face off against Carolyn Maloney. They both have very affluent and active voter bases in the areas surrounding Central Park.

“I’ve been asked to step aside my whole career. I’ve always been told that I had no right to run. I’ve always been told to shut up and get out of the room, and I’ve just kept working,” Maloney said in an interview Monday, after releasing a statement saying too many accomplished women “have been told to stand aside for the sake of men’s egos.”

The Upper East Side Congresswoman argues that her record of accomplishments far exceeds that of Nadler.

“The main difference is I get things done,” she said.

Politico reported:

During a political breakfast both candidates attended ahead of the Celebrate Israel Parade Sunday, Nadler made a point of reminding those in the room he remains the sole Jewish member of the city’s congressional delegation — a clear appeal to Jewish voters in the district.

The two representatives — whom political insiders say are not particularly close and have clashed on occasion — are now figuring out whether to fight for support on each other’s turf or drive up turnout in their neighborhoods as they approach newer voters who’ve been shifted into the district.

And while each is strategizing how to defeat the other, both are under attack from Suraj Patel, a lesser-known contender who is taking his third stab at defeating Maloney.

“New Yorkers want change and change is on the ballot,” Patel said in a statement Monday. “There are no incumbents in this race, just two career politicians — but no one is entitled to any congressional seat. I am running because we need a new generation of leaders to tap into New York’s potential for a better tomorrow.”

“It’s terrible for a strategist to have to say he is stumped, but I am stumped,” said Democratic consultant Jon Reinish.

“It’s very tough to say who has the advantage. Can you out-progressive each other? No, that’s very tough, because they’re both good on the issues,” he said. “They are old school New York City liberals, one from the West Side, one from the East Side. But there’s no visible or discernible policy differences between them. That makes this very hard.”

Attorney Suraj Patel, who ran against Maloney before, shared his thoughts.

“There are two candidates in this race — Carolyn Maloney and Jerry Nadler — who are going to compete to take credit for the current state of our country and the Democratic Party. If you are satisfied with the state of New York, the country or the Democratic party, they are your candidates,” Patel said in his statement, charging that both had done little to address vacant storefronts in the district, inflation, and a shortage of baby formula. 

“Sixty years combined is enough. All we can expect from the 61st year is more dynasty, more entitlement, and the loss of more Democratic seats thanks to their selfish gerrymander.”

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