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HILARIOUS: MSNBC Host Joy Reid Has Unhinged MELTDOWN Over Supreme Court’s Decision To BLOCK Joe Biden’s Tyrannical Mandates

Source: MSNBC

Far-left radical MSNBC host Joy Reid was seemingly upset with the Supreme Court’s decision to block Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for private businesses. On Thursday, Reid claimed that the SCOTUS is “siding with the virus” and the six ‘conservative’ justices appointed by Republican Presidents are “right-wing ideologues”

Joy(less) Reid started to show her outrage of the SCOTUS segment by mentioning “the U.S. Supreme Court siding with the virus today by blocking the Biden administration’s rule requiring vaccine mandates for companies employing more than 100 people.”

California Democrat Congressman Raul Ruiz and Former U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal joined her for this segment, so she asked the two guests about their opinion on this SCOTUS decision.

Both the guests were seen outraged by this and joined in to make unhinged criticisms. But Reid’s outrage was insane, to put it lightly. She started by claiming:

“I think they’re ideologues. I think they’re right-wing ideologues I think they’re sort of doing sort of a Christian Nationalist version of you know whatever it is the Supreme Court used to do.”

“At this point, Neal, have they not just simply stated by their actions that they are more in favor of right-wing politics, the kind of DeSantis style right-wing politics than they are in favor of saving lives? They don’t really care if this causes lots of people to die, clearly.” She added.

Source: MSNBC

Five Supreme Court Justices voted to protect Americans’ constitutional rights and ideologues like Joy Reid are mad that the highest court in the country did not support her ideologies and let a tyrannical law by the Biden administration stay in effect.

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