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INSANE: Jen Psaki BLAMES Republicans For Rising Inflation Despite Dems Controlling White House And Congress!

Source: Leah Millis/Reuters

Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in another one of her press conferences blamed Republicans for “high inflation”

This has to be one of the weirdest blame games from this administration so far. The party that is in the power of the executive branch and both chambers of Congress for almost a year now is blaming the opposition for “high inflation”

A reporter on Friday asked Psaki about Joe Biden’s $1.75 Trillion Build Back Better Plan and its impacts on high inflation.

Responding to the question, Psaki blamed it on House Republicans for not voting for the legislation and argues that the massive spending bill will “help lower the rising costs”

“You saw every single Republican in the House vote against Build Back Better. What were they voting against? Yes, they were voting against the president’s agenda, they were also voting against lowering costs,” Psaki said. “They were voting against lowering costs for childcare, lowering costs for eldercare, lowering costs for healthcare.” She said.

Then she referred to Democrat West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and said that Biden will make the case to Manchin to pass the bill to “lower costs for the American people.” As of right now, Manchin and Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema are the only two Democrats that are blocking this bill in the Senate along with all 50 Republicans.

“The case he will make is that this is exactly the time to pass this bill and move it forward so that we can lower costs for the American people on all of those topics including insulin and areas that really force American families to pinch pennies,” Psaki added.

The reporter then pressed the Press Secretary on White House’s claim that inflation will go down if the massive spending bill is passed. Several economic experts on both sides are warning that this bill will lead to massive inflation and record-breaking prices. One such notable warning recently came from Billionaire Tesla and SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk

“Of course inflation is a term we use here, we use it at the Federal Reserve. A very important economic term. The way the American people experience this at home is costs and what things cost, whether it is the cost of gas or natural gas, heating your home or putting gas in your car. We’re seeing these prices come down.” Psaki continued.

What do you make of Jen Psaki blaming Republicans for rising inflation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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