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Former Trump Legal Counsel Offers Defamation Help To Rittenhouse “You Can Sue Them For ‘State Lines Hoax”

Source: Jefferson Siegel/Reuters 

Harvard Law Professor and former legal counsel for President Trump, Alan Dershowitz offered to share his personal research of defamation against mainstream networks like CNN to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal team so they can pursue legal action against the network.

Dershowitz did an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Friday. Hannity questioned Dershowitz: “All three of us agree that based on the law and evidence in this case, it was the right outcome. What do you think?”

To which Dershowitz responded with: “Critics and people who support the conviction just heard a different case. They heard a case of white supremacists crossing state lines with an AR-15 who had no business being in the place that he went to. He was not chased and had no fear for his life. That’s what CNN told their viewers. I hope that Rittenhouse sues CNN,” he said.

“I will make an offer. I will share my research about CNN with Rittenhouse and his lawyers. I am suing CNN because they totally distorted and edited a tape of my defense of President Trump. They have a history of distorting facts to present a narrative. I think that you have to distinguish between opinions and facts. You can’t see somebody for calling Rittenhouse a vigilante. That’s an opinion. You can sue them for saying he crossed state lines with an illegal weapon or he was a white supremacist. I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment that CNN and others have to be held accountable for lying about individuals and creating an expectation of a conviction in a case where there was no possibility of a conviction for anybody who saw the trial live on television.” he added.

Source: Fox News

CNN along with many other liberal news networks and woke Hollywood activists have smeared Rittenhouse for practicing self-defense.

Conservative commentator and filmmaker Lauren Southern put together this montage of woke ‘blue check activists’ smearing Rittenhouse with false statements

What do you make of Professor Alan Dershowitz’s offer to the Rittenhouse legal council? Do you think Kyle should sue the mainstream media for defamation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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