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“TRUSTING BIDEN on Border Like Trusting Weinstein With Your Daughter”: John Kennedy

Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy shared some really funny remarks on Biden’s disastrous handling of the southern border. In a Fox & Friends segment recently, Senator compared Joe Biden to Harvey Weinstein.

The Fox News show brought the Republican Senator on air to share his comment on the recent photos and drone video that Fox News obtained at the southern border and discuss the Biden administration’s disastrous policy that has created historic crises within just 8 months.

Several Texas officials are claiming that the crowd of illegal migrants coming from Mexico is increasing at a historic rate, at times doubling in size within a single day. According to the aerial footage obtained by Fox News, there are around 10,000 people waiting under the Del Rio overpass. Most of these are from Haiti.

Senator Kennedy responded to this in his usual style and blasted the Biden administration for this crisis. In his analysis, the Senator said, “But when it comes to illegal immigration, you just can’t trust the Biden administration. It would be like trusting Harvey Weinstein with your daughter.”

He followed up by adding “When it comes to illegal immigration, the Biden administration lies like they breathe. They’re like timeshare salesmen, they’re peerless.”

“The truth is that this year we’ll have well over 2 million people coming into our country, allowed in by the president and we don’t have the slightest idea who they are” he added.

The Biden administration’s handling of the border is a complete disaster and recent polls prove American’s contempt with President Biden because of this policy. Not to mention, most of these illegal migrants that are set free are not tested for COVID. While many Americans have to live under tyrannical state and local laws and wear double masks, prove that they have gotten the vaccine, and follow several other strict rules that do not apply to the illegal migrants.

What do you think of Senator Kennady’s assessment? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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