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Former President Donald Trump went on Fox News’ “The Mark Levin Show” on Wednesday and blasted the Biden Administration for “the most incompetently handling of Afghanistan”

He said because of Joe Biden’s weak and poorly executed policies, we are being laughed at all over the world.

President Trump pointed the stark contrast between his policies and the state of the country under his administration vs how Biden is running the country.

“What has happened to our country in the last eight months is not even imaginable. With inflation raging, with gasoline at $1.87 and now it’s over $5, with the border at a level that nobody has ever imagined it, millions of people have already poured through our border, and these are people from jails, prisoners, we have people coming into our country that we don’t want.”

The southern border was the most secure during the Trump administration thanks to the border wall and President Trump’s strong policies that were reversed as soon as Biden took office.

“The fact is that the Afghanistan situation — taking the military out, having the Taliban move in, then we rely on the Taliban. We give them lists of people, of Americans, we gave them lists of all the Americans and all of the people that helped us. We gave those lists to the Taliban, so now they can just knock on doors and say, ‘You’re on the list.’

“It is the most incompetently handled, and then, on top of everything else, to give them the best military equipment in the world, the best in the world: the night goggles. You see, now they’re fighting at night, they hated to fight at night because they didn’t have the technology or the goggles. But now they’re fighting at night. They’re fighting your area that they have not been able to take over; I understand that area is practically done. How could they fight Panjshir, how could they fight when they don’t have this kind of equipment?” He added

The Afghanistan situation is inarguably the worst failure of this administration. Leaving billions of military equipment and many Americans and allies behind has attracted criticism from every side.

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