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LEAKED BOMBSHELL: Biden To Issue Executive Order Mandating All Federal Employees Must Be Vaccinated With No Opt-outs

Twitter screenshot, courtesy of @JoeBiden

A source familiar with the plans that the President will be laying out in a speech on Thursday, spoke with the AP on the condition of anonymity.

One of the biggest components of Joe Biden’s plan to combat the current wave of the pandemic is to sign an executive order that mandates ALL federal employees must be vaccinated. The order will also remove any opt-outs for those who would prefer to get regular testing over taking the inoculations.

This order would also be extended to any contractors who work for the federal government.

This should come as no surprise to anyone, given that this is the President that believes Americans themselves are a pandemic.

According to CNN:

“A White House official said the six pillars of Biden’s plan include: vaccinating the unvaccinated; further protecting the vaccinated through booster shots; keeping schools open; increasing testing and requiring masks; protecting the economic recovery; and improving care for those with Covid-19.”

There has been no mention of the EO will remove the religious or health exemptions typically allowed. But, should those exemption applications be denied, millions of Americans will be left with only one choice: be vaccinated against my will, or lose my job.

That is the mindset of this administration: do what we tell you, or we will take away your ability to provide for your families.

The Raging Patriot spoke with one individual who works for the Department of the Air Force. He stated, unequivocally, that he “will find another job before he gets that shot.”

He indicated that many of the people in his office have the same feeling.

We are already dealing with a government that is running inefficiently. What will happen when thousands upon tens of thousands of Americans either leave their jobs voluntarily, or get forced from them?

If you work for the government or contract to them, would you fall in line with the mandates or look for a new job?

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