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MIC DROP: FBI Says There Was No Insurrection. Democrats: Yeah, But We Want To Keep That Narrative Going.

YouTube screenshot, Courtesy of Vice

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi convened a a commission to investigate who was behind the riot that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

Refusing to allow the Republicans that were appointed, she chose two Republicans that consistently side with the Democrats on all matters related to Donald Trump, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who you may remember from his tweet about modern-day Americans calling themselves patriots.

Some of the usual suspects were there, including Adam Schiff, the guy who publicly swore that he had “plenty of evidence” that Trump colluded with Russia.

Pelosi built a dream team to pin the events of that day on the former President and all those elected Republicans that supported him.

In a development that dealt a blow to Pelosi’s commission, the very same FBI that worked with Democrats to thwart Trump’s election in 2016, announced that they found no evidence to support an orchestrated plan to overthrow the certification of the election (or Democracy), nor any thing that would lead them to believe that the 45th President was in any way involved.

Democrats have continued to trumpet claims that the riots earlier this year were the greatest assault on the government, and Democracy itself, since the Civil War.

Never mind that no weapons were used, with the exception of the gun used to kill Ashli Babbitt. But that was fired by a Capitol police officer who was hiding behind a door. Video from inside that day, show him to almost be laying in wait, ambushing the Air Force veteran.

But what actually happened inside the building that day is under strict control of one person: Nancy Pelosi.

She is sitting on more than 14,000 hours of video surveillance footage that she will not release.

Could it be that there is something on that video that she does not want the American people to see or know?

If the assessment of the FBI holds up as truthful, it would devastating to the Democrats argument that a sitting President incited Americans to march over to the Capitol and attempt to overthrow the US government.

And why are they arguing so adamantly that Trump is guilty? For the same reason that some of them still have pinned (see Maxine Waters) tweets claiming that Trump was guilty of conspiring to rig his first election.

The truth means nothing to them. All that matters is staying in power while simultaneously crating more control for them to maintain.

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