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BREAKING NEWS: American Casualties Confirmed After Kabul Airport Rocked By Multiple Bombings Just Days After White House Categorized The Withdrawal A Success

YouTube screenshot, Courtesy of CBS News

There have been two confirmed explosions outside the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, where the US is still conducting evacuations. There are now reports of a third bombing near the same location.

Here is what we know so far.

One suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside a group of people at the Baron Hotel, which is just down the street from the Abbey Gate at the airport. It has been a staging area for Afghans seeking to leave the country.

A second bomb was set off at the gate.

Rumors of a 3rd explosion at the Baron hotel are being circulated. The Raging Patriot will provide details once that has been confirmed.

According to sources, there have been more than 60 confirmed casualties among the Afghan population and at least 150 wounded. Those numbers are likely to climb as the day continues.

There have also been American military casualties. At least a dozen Marines and a Navy medic have been reported as Killed In Action (KIA). Numerous more were wounded in those cowardly attacks.

These attacks came just a few hours after the US State Department warned that an attack at the airport could be imminent. The message from State warned Americans to stay away from the area.

This information once again provides contrast to the White House’s continued rhetoric that the withdrawal is a success and that Americans are not stranded.

While they claim to have negotiated for a peaceful evacuation, these bombings were not the only signs that terrorist faction are intent on killing both Americans and and their allies.

An Italian C-130 came under heavy machine gun fire shortly after taking off with evacuees.

As we are writing this, reports are continuing to pour in of more explosions and gun fire.

With each passing moment, the death toll continues to rise, both for American forces and for Afghan citizens, which include women and children.

Central Command’s General Kenneth McKenzie briefed the press just a little while ago, and discussed what is happening on the ground. That briefing can be seen here.

Stay tuned to The Raging Patriot for developments as they become available. We will also be publishing a report regarding the loss of American military forces.

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