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Play Stupid Games: One NFL Team’s Tickets Going For Pennies On The Dollar Over Vaccine Requirements.

Twitter screenshot, Courtesy of the New Orleans Saints

The Oakland Raiders were the first NFL team to announce that spectators at their new stadium in Las Vegas would be required to show proof of vaccination before being admitted.

Now, the New Orleans Saints are following suit. And they are paying the price for it, literally.

While the games currently being played are preseason and tickets are relatively cheap compared to regular season games, the secondary market is taking a major hit now that the Saints are requiring proof of getting poked.

The official ticketing partner, Seat Geek, for the NFL franchise has tickets starting as low as $10 in the upper sections. But other clearinghouses like StubHub have tickets for as little as $1. Most of the upper deck tickets are available for $6, before fees.

Season ticket holders who are unvaccinated and may want a refund are going to be forced to go to the secondary market sources to offload their tickets.

Screenshot from New Orleans Saints Website, frequently asked questions

While the current market doesn’t show that ticket prices will suffer, it remains to be seen if those currently holding tickets will be forced to eat the cost of purchase due to the restrictions currently in place.

Meanwhile, Louisiana State University is prepping for their upcoming season. They are requiring that all attendees over the age of 12 show proof of vaccination or a negative test dated within 72 hours.

Given that there is reportedly a shortage of test available, and many parents are wary of inoculating their younger children, the stands may not be full for one of the preeminent programs in college football.

The Saints may have more of a pressing issue beyond just ticket sales.

The vaccine mandate is negatively impacting a specific section of the demographic more so than others.

60% of the New Orleans population is comprised of black people. That demographic accounts for roughly 232,000 of the 387,000 people living in New Orleans.

While the state doesn’t not provide vaccine stats based on race or ethnicity, the CDC shows that only 30% of the black community is vaccinated. If that number holds true in New Orleans, nearly one-quarter of a million black people are being denied the ability to attend a game.

Given the “woke” mentality that the Saints have displayed in support of groups like Black Lives Matter, this may not sit well in the black community.

It wasn’t that long ago that Saints players were names on their helmets of black people killed during interactions with police. Now they are discriminating against that same community with their ticket/admissions policy.

Are you over the NFL and their “woke” agendas? Let us know in the comments below.

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